When you apply for a job, nowadays, most prospective employers will require you to fill out an application, answer some basic questions, and come in for an interview. Many of these employers will also do a background check. You may not have anything to worry about—after all, you have never been convicted of a crime or even arrested. That may not be what your background check turns up.

Mistakes on your background checks can delay your hiring or even cost you your job. The Fair Credit Reporting Act mandates that background check companies use reasonable procedures to ensure maximum possible accuracy. Prospective employers must also provide you with an opportunity to dispute the report. If you know that a prospective employer obtained a background check that was inaccurate or misleading, you may be entitled to a monetary recovery. The Fair Credit Reporting Act also allows you to recover attorneys’ fees and costs from the defendants. Act quickly, the longer you wait to clear these errors up, the harder it will be to get a new job and move on!